2007 McCabe-Waters Champions

Bristol Girls Little League Softball
2008 Major League Softball Schedule

	at Edgewood		at Forestville		at McCabe-Waters
Apr. 15	Angels vs Reds	        Dodgers vs Mets	        Tigers OPEN
Apr. 17	Mets OPEN		Reds vs Tigers		Angels vs Dodgers
Apr. 22	Mets vs Reds		Dodgers OPEN    	Tigers vs Angels
Apr. 29	Tigers vs Dodgers	Mets vs Angels  	Reds OPEN
May. 1	Mets OPEN		Dodgers vs Angels	Tigers vs Reds
May. 4	Dodgers vs Reds	        Tigers vs Mets		Angels OPEN
May. 6	Reds vs Angels	        Tigers OPEN		Mets vs Dodgers
May. 8	Angels vs Tigers	Reds vs Mets		Dodgers OPEN
May. 13	Reds OPEN		Dodgers vs Tigers	Angels vs Mets
May. 15	Mets vs Tigers		Angels OPEN		Reds vs Dodgers
May. 20	Dodgers vs Mets	        Angels vs Reds	        Tigers OPEN
May. 22	Mets OPEN		Angels vs Dodgers	Reds vs Tigers
May. 27	Tigers vs Angels	Dodgers OPEN	        Mets vs Reds
May. 29	Mets vs Angels	        Tigers vs Dodgers	Reds OPEN
Jun. 3	Tigers vs Mets		Angels OPEN		Dodgers vs Reds
Jun. 5	Tigers OPEN		Mets vs Dodgers	        Reds vs Angels
Jun. 10	Mets OPEN		Tigers vs Reds		Dodgers vs Angels
Jun. 12	Dodgers OPEN	        Angels vs Tigers	Reds vs Mets
Jun. 17	Reds OPEN		Angels vs Mets	        Dodgers vs Tigers
Jun. 19	Angels OPEN		Mets vs Tigers		Reds vs Dodgers

Home Games on Field 2
Weekday games start at 5:30 p.m	         					4/01/08

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